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Ingvild Ombudstvedt is a lawyer and economist, and the owner and founder of IOM Law. She has been working on legal issues relating to CCS, CCU, CCUS and petroleum since 2012 and has through her experience from Arntzen de Besche Law Firm (Oslo office), the Global CCS Institute (Brussels office), CO2 Capsol, and IOM Law gained extensive experience with these issues globally. For more than four years, she was part of the core team advising the Norwegian state-owned entity Gassnova, which was established to manage Norwegian governmental interests relating to CCS.

She has also been General Counsel for CO2 Capsol, a technology company focusing on capturing CO2 from industrial emissions.

She has worked on projects under the Oil for Development Program, advising developing countries on petroleum law related issues and aiding in the development of regulatory framework. She has also gained extensive experience within capacity building and development and implementation of frameworks for CCUS and negative emissions.

Ingvild is appointed national expert (since 2014) for CO2 storage, CO2-EOR, shipping, and quantification  verification, by the Norwegian Mirror Committee as part of the ISO Technical Committee TC265, which is established to provide ISO standards for CCS and CO2-EOR. She is appointed Chair of the Norwegian Mirror Committee (delegation).

She is currently taking a Master of Laws in U.S. Environmental, Natural Resources and Energy Law.

Ingvild is Member of the Norwegian Bar Association and IR Global.

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